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Attentive doctor listening to his patientUpon completion of this comprehensive evidence-based course, the physician will be able to:

  • Formulate an individual treatment plan, integrating healthy aging concepts, using evidence-based research presented in home-study modules, on-site education and literature reviews.
  • Describe the components of low-glycemic/anti-inflammatory nutrition, formulate a nutrition plan and teach patients how to incorporate and maintain these nutrition plans.
  • Describe the role inflammation plays in disease development; implement appropriate care to prevent or mitigate it.
  • Evaluate various theories of aging including genetics, oxidative stress, glycation, and telomere shortening.
  • Obtain a comprehensive health history that is pertinent to Age Management Medicine.
  • Interpret laboratory studies differentiating between optimal and normal values.
  • Discuss the fundamentals of DEXA scanning and bone density, correlating labs results, and VO2 testing.
  • Educate patients in the importance of exercise/fitness and develop an exercise prescription, including high intensity interval training to help them apply these concepts into their lifestyle and health management routines.
  • Identify the fundamentals of nutritional and nutrient deficiencies and formulate a plan to correct.
  • How to educate patients on the basics of endocrine physiology relating to health/wellness.
  • How to recognize estrogen dominance, hypogonadism and other hormonal imbalances in men and treat appropriately, if indicated.
  • How to implement the age management approach to hormone replacement therapy (HRT), if indicated, in the care of the aging female.
  • How to develop and implement a plan to resolve side effects and promote adherence to treatment regimen.
  • How to demonstrate an ability to determine the effectiveness of the individualized treatment plans with your patients through careful and consistent follow-up and monitoring.

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Physicians speak about age management…

"[Age management medicine allows me to] offer my patients more treatment options because I am able to intervene earlier to prevent or modify what will become a chronic disease."

– C.B. Daniel, MD

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