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Four Building Blocks

Focus on Four Key Building Blocks

Age Management Medicine uses the synergy of exercise, low-glycemic nutrition, vitamin/nutrient status and hormone therapy, if clinically indicated. Every aspect of the program is a vital building block to support the prime objective-target and handle the patient’s specific health challenges, stave off age-related disease and control the aging process for healthier, more robust living and a better-conditioned body.

  1. EXERCISE: Crucial for preventing or delaying age-related disease. Resistance training, cardio and flexibility exercises are incorporated into a customized, results-oriented program.
  2. LOW-GLYCEMIC/ANTI-INFLAMMATORY NUTRITION: Metabolic balance, centered on food combinations and smaller, frequent meals to stave off hunger, stimulates metabolism and evens out blood sugar levels. Based on a patient’s medical needs and health goals. Progress can be tracked online.
  3. INDIVIDUALIZED NUTRIENT ASSESSMENT: Often necessary for even the healthiest diets. High quality vitamin and nutrient supplementation may be appropriate to address apparent deficiencies.
  4. HORMONE EVALUATION AND MANAGEMENT: Endocrine balance is the goal. Serum levels of sex hormones are evaluated in both men and women.  If clinically indicated, hormone therapy is started.  Laboratory markers, including blood hormone levels, are followed at regularly scheduled intervals to ensure safety and appropriate ranges.

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Physicians speak about age management…

"[Age management medicine allows me to] offer my patients more treatment options because I am able to intervene earlier to prevent or modify what will become a chronic disease."

– C.B. Daniel, MD

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